Artist's Statement
Photography provides a creative outlet for my natural attention to detail and interest in the abstractions that present themselves within a narrow field of view. I concentrate on the interplay of content and graphical design elements such as color, line, shape, and texture.

I get excited when I uncover a hidden treasure within a scene and can present it to viewers, particularly if I can exploit contrasts—warm, cool; light, shadow; smooth, rough; dynamic, subtle; storyline or pure visual sensations.

I tend to focus on narrowly defined scenes that reflect a singular aspect of my subject, while accenting diagonals, strong colors, and unusual angles, reveling in the opportunity to capture on paper intimate views glimpsed through a lens.

About Alan
Alan’s recent career path falls within the broad confines of “learning consultant.” He assists business partners in identifying both learning and performance issues and opportunities, as well as appropriate solutions. In some cases, he completes the process by designing the instructional components of the solutions.

He has been photographing for over 30 years, concentrating on landscapes and historical structures such as wooden covered bridges, lighthouses, and adobe churches. Alan has gradually moved from simply documenting a scene to accentuating the design elements inherent in a subject in an effort to provide the viewer with an “ah ha” moment as details and graphic elements take center stage.

While largely self-taught, Alan has participated in a number of workshops and one-on-one sessions with notable photographers such as Douglas Merriam of Santa Fe and Carolyn Brown of Dallas.

Photo by: J. Alan Whiteside