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A variety of images from around Dallas.
Wyly Theatre Center and Reflecting PondCathedral Guadalupe--ShrineCathedral Guadalupe--Altar AreaCathedral Guadalupe--In the Heart of the Arts DistrictCathedral Guadalupe--Stairway Stained GlassFair Park--Tejas ArcherFair Park--Contralto and Building DetailFair Park--Contralto Through FountainFair Park--Tenor TorsoFair Park--Base of TenorFair Park--Administration Building DetailFair Park--Flag Wall in Tower Room, Fair Park, DallasFair Park--Light Fixture, South Texas RoomFair Park--Closeup, Light Fixture, South Texas RoomFair Park--"Spirit of the Centennial"Fair Park--Detail, "Spirit of the Centennial"Fair Park--Piet's Got the BluesFair Park--Bandshell ConvergenceFair Park--Bandshell and Fence: Repeat After MeFair Park--Lighting the Way to the Fair