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The vision and craftsmanship of the United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing, popularly known as the Shakers for their unique worship style, may be seen in the extant buildings in Pleasant Hill and South Union, Kentucky.
Spiral Staircase, Pleasant Hill, KYDormer Light in Attic Space, Pleasant HillWest Family Wash House, Pleasant Hill, KYWest Lot Timber Frame Stable, Pleasant Hill, KYAntique Rake, Pleasant Hill, KYBarn Doors, Pleasant Hill, KYUnfinished Broom in Vise, South Union, KYCentre Family Dwelling, South Union, KYBundled Broomcorn, South Union, KYSchoolroom, South Union, KYBaskets, Boxes, and CrocksShaker Produce and CraftsEfficient Stove Design, Pleasant Hill, KYOld Ministry's Shop, Pleasant Hill, KYClock, Dining Room, South Union, KYBeets, Beans, and Pumpkin"Retiring Room," South Union, KYDesk Cabinet, South Union, KYShaker Chair on Pegs, South Union, KYTrustees' Office, Pleasant Hill, KY